Best Poutineries in St. Catharines, Ontario


Stacked Pancake & Breakfast House St. Catharines $$
286 Bunting Rd, St. Catharines - L2M 7S5
Cuisines: Breakfast Burgers Poutineries
Customer's reviews..
First time there, was very happy with the service and food. Definitely will be back
I don’t go on a weekday, weekends usually best, being on vacation though why not? The food was great, but for me service is just as important, I am paying for food I could really make at home, but a treat to be cooked for and served. I see these great reviews for someone named Jade, and finally got to meet her. Amazing smile, super attentive, and very personable. She has been there for quite some time so surprised I don’t see her more often when I come. There is a lot of staff turnover so you’d think you’d have your top servers working more……Food is great, but do yourself a favour, ask to sit in Jades section, you won’t be disappointed, when the cost of everything is going up, eating out should be worth it!!!!
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U Need A Pita $$
116 St Paul St, St. Catharines - L2R 3M2
Cuisines: Greek Burgers Poutineries
Customer's reviews..
Dont know why but all of a sudden no more peppers and onions on the grill and they dont offer 2 free toppings on a poutine. Service isnt what it use to be either. Wont be coming back to this location.
Every single time I order from this location it is SLAPPIN!!! super great taste, packaged super well, and great portions !! I will always recommend and come to this location! Whoever just did my order (Uber eats @ 6:50pm on July 22nd 2022) you did a PHENOMENAL job!! Thanks for being so consistent with your food !
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U Need A Pita $$
343 Glendale Ave, St. Catharines - L2T 0A1
Cuisines: Burgers Poutineries Mexican
Customer's reviews..
I paid $35 for two “special” buffalo chicken wraps, one with fries, one with a drink, and a small poutine. When I ate my wrap there was barely any chicken in the sandwich, the pita was falling apart and was soggy. Absolute waste of money. Will never eat here again. Avoid, go to Subway next door.
We went once and loved it, just got back from there tonight for our second visit. A rush of people came in right after us, so our order took forever. They started all the pitas for quite a few people, they were all lined up on the counter, my husband and I watched 3 staff repeatedly looking at the pitas, throwing out pitas, wrapping our pitas and bagging them, and then taking them out of the bag. So my husband asked if they were sure they had the right pitas when they were done because there was clearly a mix up. The girl said she was sure, and there was no mix up. I got home to my pita that had completely leaked sauces everywhere, I got a MILD vegan taco. Unbeknownst to me, mine was one of the pitas that was thrown out, and instead of asking me to just re-select my toppings, the girl clearly tried to do it from memory … after making many other pitas after mine. So needless to say, all the toppings I didn’t ask for were on my pita. I especially hated the huge amount of jalapeño peppers she added to my mild pita. It was just this disgusting soggy pickle and pepper taco.
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Smoke's Poutinerie $$
10 Summer St, St. Catharines - L2R 7P2
Cuisines: Fast Food Poutineries
Customer's reviews..
The amount of options you have to choose from are great, but I usually go for just the regular good ol' fashioned cheese curds and gravy poutine, and I find it very bland and heavy. The fries have a burnt flavour (old oil?).
My first poutine in Canada. Not really what I was expecting. The fries were soggy and under cooked, the gravy if you can call it that was like water and the cheese curds we hard and grainy, plus they don’t melt.Guess I should have taken head to the previous reviews. But I figured how bad could it be? Yeah, that bad.
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Brass Monkey Local
67 St Paul St, St. Catharines - L2R 3M3
Cuisines: Chicken Wings Poutineries Hamburger
Customer's reviews..
they serve a Lemmy..... any place that honors Lemmy is above the rest
Amazing food, great music, and great beer ?
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