Best Mexican Food Restaurants in St. Catharines, Ontario


Patio Andaluz $$
5 Lock St, St. Catharines - L2N 5B4
Cuisines: Mexican Spanish
Customer's reviews..
I had such high hopes for this place! Our recent experience was not great, I'm afraid. Our reservation was mixed up and badly mishandled; the unfriendly staff did not seem to want to be there, changing our festive evening to a bit of a downer. Won't be back for a while.
Atmosphere? 7/10Service? 4/10Price? 2/10 (too expensive)I’m sure our experience was just one of the few bad apples because it was an hour before close and I’ve seen this place run good business from a distance due to the popularity.We showed up with reservations at 9:15 pm. We sat for 15 mins waiting for a menu and then another 20 minutes just for ONE GLASS OF WINE.The heater on the patio were turned off despite the air feeling breezy cold at roughly 15 degrees.The menu is very pricey. Appetizers start at around $16 and mains like three tacos go upwards to $25. Outrages.However the atmosphere is very nice. Beautiful patio and indoor decorations and the soft Latin music adds to it.Wouldn’t recommend.
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Taco embassy $$
22 Academy St, St. Catharines - L2R 4Z6
Cuisines: Mexican
Customer's reviews..
Lovely staff and excellent food!
We decided to go here after seeing a movie at The Film House. Friendly service the moment you walk in, nice fun atmosphere, good menu. I ordered 3 different tacos and our server recommended one which ended up being the one that I liked the most. Bonus points because they have a little Sergio Perez shrine upstairs. Just missing a Daniel Suarez one! But again great, friendly service, nice recommendations and a cool place. Will definitely visit again.

Chile & Agave
51 Hartzel Rd, St. Catharines - L2P 1M6
Cuisines: Mexican
Customer's reviews..
Staff was great. Food helpings large, but lacked flavor. Looked like Mexican food but sure did not have the flavor. If I was blindfolded while eating I'd never know it was Mexican food. I really wanted it to be good as Mexican restaurants are rare.
The chips were so hard i couldn't eat them...but other than that everything was absolutely delish!! Such an inviting and fun beautiful atmosphere. Waiters/waitresses were very on top of everything and kind! We had Dan serve us and he was great! ? thanks so much, my boys enjoyed their vegan meals as did I. The rest of the family isn't vegan but said it was delicious as well...minus the hard nacho chips!
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U Need A Pita $$
343 Glendale Ave, St. Catharines - L2T 0A1
Cuisines: Burgers Poutineries Mexican
Customer's reviews..
I paid $35 for two “special” buffalo chicken wraps, one with fries, one with a drink, and a small poutine. When I ate my wrap there was barely any chicken in the sandwich, the pita was falling apart and was soggy. Absolute waste of money. Will never eat here again. Avoid, go to Subway next door.
We went once and loved it, just got back from there tonight for our second visit. A rush of people came in right after us, so our order took forever. They started all the pitas for quite a few people, they were all lined up on the counter, my husband and I watched 3 staff repeatedly looking at the pitas, throwing out pitas, wrapping our pitas and bagging them, and then taking them out of the bag. So my husband asked if they were sure they had the right pitas when they were done because there was clearly a mix up. The girl said she was sure, and there was no mix up. I got home to my pita that had completely leaked sauces everywhere, I got a MILD vegan taco. Unbeknownst to me, mine was one of the pitas that was thrown out, and instead of asking me to just re-select my toppings, the girl clearly tried to do it from memory … after making many other pitas after mine. So needless to say, all the toppings I didn’t ask for were on my pita. I especially hated the huge amount of jalapeño peppers she added to my mild pita. It was just this disgusting soggy pickle and pepper taco.
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Taco Bell $
379 Ontario St, St. Catharines - L2R 5Z6
Cuisines: Tacos Fast Food Mexican
Customer's reviews..
Was served rotting foul smelling feculent beef in the burrito after a very long wait, nearly puked in car and no receipt in bag of course. No instructions were followed with specific instructions. 1 star is too high to rate this resturant.
Avoid this place if you value your time. Waited 5 minutes at drive thru - nobody answered at the speaker.Walked in, waited 10 minutes in line behind a woman trying to explain what “fries with only cheese on them” meant. Poor kid behind the counter didn’t have the mental capacity to understand modified items. 10 minutes. He had to go ask someone what she meant. Language barrier maybe? Who knows. Clearly poor management regardless.Go to McDonald’s a few feet down the street. This Taco Bell doesn’t deserve your money.
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Quesada Burritos & Tacos
111 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines - L2S 3P5
Cuisines: Tex-Mex Mexican
Customer's reviews..
I have been visiting Quesada in most cities I have lived so far. But this time, the service blew me away! Delicious food and great staff! Sheena and Rahul prepared my meal with such care and love. I am truly impressed. We'll visit again soon.
Today I went in around 2 to grab a quick burrito bowl , I had an insane morning of running errands and was starving , the lady working was the nicest customer service worker I have ever met in my life ! She was very friendly and talkative and made a really great burrito bowl , I didn’t catch the name of her but her pleasantness really made my day !!
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Burrito Boyz
224 St Paul St, St. Catharines - L2R 3M6
Cuisines: Mexican Burrito
Customer's reviews..
Great service! Friendly and efficent.Food portions were great and they accommodated my food allergy. Food was delicious as well, we ordered Naked Burritos!
Nice and quick. Big servings . Tasty had the steak nachos
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343 Glendale Ave UNIT 0345, St. Catharines - L2T 0A1
Cuisines: Mexican Fast Food
Customer's reviews..
great food, fresh and fast! highly recommend!
If you want to be treated like garbage and served the wrong food, then this is the place for you. Absolutely disgusting how we where treated. Honestly do better...
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Fat Bastard Burrito Co. $$
Fairview Mall, 285 Geneva St, St. Catharines - L2N 2E9
Cuisines: Fast Food Mexican Tex-Mex
Customer's reviews..
Just being honest. The tacos were nothing amazing the kit you buy at the grocery store is better. Can't believe I had to pay extra for cheese on a beef taco, this is a standard topping. Apparently I can't pick my toppings for my tacos just what comes with them? Odd... Cause you can pick your own for a burrito. Your company makes no sense. Wasn't worth the price for the quality and the fact I can't choose my own toppings for my tacos.
I’ve eaten at the Sarnia location twice and loved it both times. Staff were very courteous and helpful. Food was very tasty. Service was fast. Place is very clean.
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Guac Mexi Grill $$
300 Fourth Ave Building C, Unit 6, St. Catharines - L2R 6P9
Cuisines: Mexican
Customer's reviews..
Great experience here today. Saw the other reviews about the siesta potatoes and they did not disappoint! Had the beef barbacoa and it was delicious! And somehow found enough room for churros for dessert so I ordered a few and they were brought over to our table when they were ready. Excellent service and quality food. We've definitely found a new favourite spot
Excellent place, I love the burritos and churros they serve as well as nachos you can get. Although it is a little pricey you will NOT be dissatisfied. Also the East Indians working there are super nice.
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Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill $$
295 Fourth Ave Unit J3, St. Catharines - L2S 0E7
Cuisines: Mexican
Customer's reviews..
Yummy, great prices and friendly service!! Tortilla chips were just meh.
worst burrito i ever had. Toppings were not fresh. Small portions and no taste.
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Taco Bell $$
221 Glendale Ave, St. Catharines - L2T 2K9
Cuisines: Tacos Fast Food Mexican
Customer's reviews..
Really like the fact that they can do vegan dishes. Just order al fresco. Good healthy food fast.
Enjoyed my food!
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