Best Japanese Food Restaurants in St. Catharines, Ontario


East Izakaya $$
129 King St, St. Catharines - L2R 3H9
Cuisines: Japanese Sushi Bar
Customer's reviews..
Pleasantly surprised with how tasty & fresh all the sushi was. Mango & avocado were perfect ripeness. Provided generous wasabi, soy & ginger portions. Will definitely order takeout again!
This is our third time dining at East Izakaya. The servers were attentive, glasses were never empty, empty plates and bowls taken away promptly. Quality of the rolls, sushi and sashimi were good and presentation is beautiful. Some other dishes lack authenticity, but not horrible. We will definitely return when we're in the area.
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Wind Japanese and Thai $$
131 King St, St. Catharines - L2R 3J2
Cuisines: Asian Sushi Bar Japanese
Customer's reviews..
Truly one of the best sushi houses in all of Ontario. The quality is second to none - and it's all you can eat!!!I consider this comparison:"Wind is like New York City"There's so many incredible quality items on the's hard to imagine going there even a dozen times and having the same meal twice!
We came in this restaurant just 20 minutes before kitchen closes. We were in group of 15 people and we just had those 20 min to order everything we wanted. It was crazy how fast they served us and how friendly they were with us helping with everything we asked. The staff is very polite and caring. Saturday evening it was expensive, our bill for the group came to 650$, but totally worth it. Thank you so much for a great experience!
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Sushi Paradise $$
210 Glendale Avenue Unit B1A, St. Catharines - L2T 3Y6
Cuisines: Japanese Thai Dim Sum
Customer's reviews..
I visited after two years. The food then was tasty.I was surprised at the aloofness of the waiters. They are downright mean to the customers. Appears that they are irked at folks for coming inThe food taste was bland. Had the chicken bento box. That chicken was dry and hard..tasteless.The vegetables were fried and glistening with oil.The sushi was blah..I was gracious to leave a tip..even for bad service.But I will not return
Best sushi in Niagara region. Everything is perfect, the food is fresh, the service is good, the environment is comfortable. At first I saw some comments said they took a long time to get your order. However, when we come on Friday night, food delivered was very fast and very easy to send order. Don’t have to wait for the server to confirm. Very surprising, we have a really good night at sushi paradise.
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Seasons Sushi $$
55 Carlisle St, St. Catharines - L2R 3M7
Cuisines: Japanese Sushi Bar
Customer's reviews..
On a whim decided to try this place as they had an online order discount. Definitely worth it. Food was hot and delicious. Great portion sizes. And a huge shout out to the lady working the counter. There were skip and Uber people coming in and shouting over each other and waving numbers in her face and she remained calm and polite the whole time. Definitely recommend trying them and I will order again for sure
My mango rolls were inedible tonight.. green and rock hard.. usually this is my go to sushi place, not very happy.
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Amakara Japan $$
19 Geneva St, St. Catharines - L2R 4M3
Cuisines: Japanese Sushi Bar
Customer's reviews..
The best sushi in town.Fresh! Authentic! Great value!
I've been coming here for over 10+ years. The staff are so kind, and nice. They put so much into into order. Love this place and its staff. The food is by far my favorite.
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Duru Restaurant $$
220 Welland Ave, St. Catharines - L2R 2P4
Cuisines: Korean Japanese
Customer's reviews..
Food is great, staff are very friendly and accommodating ❤️
Wonderful expression of authentic Korean cuisine with lovely personal service even when its busy. We will be back when we visit St. Catharines again!

22 King St, St. Catharines - L2R 3H3
Cuisines: Japanese Tapas/Small Plates Korean
Customer's reviews..
Best chef, amazing service. Throughly satisfied and appreciated. Willing to visit in near future. I would Recommend to all my friends.
The best food experience I've had in Niagara. 20/10. The drink menu and food menu each have unique options that are rotated out. When you order, it's recommended and custom to share with the table. My boyfriend and I loved everything we selected and each bite had an explosion of flavour. If you're looking for carefully curated food and drinks, then you need to try here. We will definitely be back and we are excited to see what there is next time.

Teriyaki Experience
500 Glenridge Ave, St. Catharines - L2S 3A1
Cuisines: Japanese
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