Best Taiwanese Food Restaurants in Mississauga, Ontario


Cha Me. Cha $$
4188 Living Arts Dr #9, Mississauga - L5B 0H7
Cuisines: Taiwanese Coffee & Tea
Customer's reviews..
Don’t go if you don’t have to. (i.e. you are not living nearby and this isn’t the only one open)
This place is very underrated. Nice ambience great drinks, and exceptional service. Our server Charles went above and beyond and helped us with our drink and snack order. His recommendations were perfect because everything we got was delicious! We got the Taiwanese crispy chicken, a taro bubble tea and iced peach green tea with with mango jelly.Great place to study and snack! Definitely coming back.
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Bubble Republic Tea House $$
4555 Hurontario St, Mississauga - L4Z 3M1
Cuisines: Taiwanese Tea Rooms Bubble Tea
Customer's reviews..
Dissapointed.I've been a regular customer until 2019.Then because of covid19 I no longer had food from here for a while as I worked from home. I even had been driving here all the way from Oakville for lunch menu + bbt until 2019.I ordered food and drink recently and the price was almost doubled compared to 2019.At that time they charged so little to upgrade milk tea to large size and now they charged me + $4 extra.Also they charge more on regular size drink as well.The food got worse.They changed container and now the rice is all soggy and so greasy because of all side dishes on top of rice. (Cabbage and greens)This definitely is not worth for $15.I will never have any food/drink from bubble republic anymore.The employees were kind and friendly though.
Been to this place twice so far. The first was right before the first pandemic lockdown..and their bubble tea is a watered-down disappointment. Went again las week..still bad. Stay away.

Green Grotto $$
3920 Grand Park Dr #8, Mississauga - L5B 4M6
Cuisines: Taiwanese Coffee & Tea Bubble Tea
Customer's reviews..
I went to this place once back in high school but i didn't stay that long. I was able to go with my boyfriend and our friends to play games there after spending dinner together.We all got drinks, i ordered a strawberry slush with tapioca and lychee jelly, no sugar. It was so good! The tapioca surprised me - it's so soft and well made. We all enjoyed our night.The place is really cozy and nice. I can't wait to go back there again! I recommend to check this place out and hang with friends!If you order by online takeout, you get 20% off and earn rewards!
It was really great! My husband and I met up with our friends here and ordered a fair amount of food. My husband had a Hokkaido Roasted Milk Tea with mixed tapioca and I had the Espresso Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Soy Milk and small tapioca - they were both great! However I think the espresso in my drink tasted a lot like Nescafé. I don’t think I’d order it again but it also wasn’t bad. We also had Salt & Pepper Chicken, Japanese Pancake, and Taiwanese Minced Pork and Egg bowl on rice for dinner and the Condensed Milk Brick Toast for dessert. It was delicious! We could have done without the Japanese Pancake though. Otherwise everything was great! It’s very clean and the service is super sweet. Overall a good experience.
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奶茶黨部 Bubble Republic Tea House $$
4040 Creditview Rd Unit 24, Mississauga - L5C 3Y8
Cuisines: Bubble Tea Taiwanese Coffee & Tea
Customer's reviews..
the shop jacked their price in June by 25-30%. food is good but not worth the price imo. also they should have mentioned this in the takeout order.
I've been going here for 3+ years and I love it. Always a good selection of drinks and the tapioca is the best. I've tried lots of places in mississauga and their tapioca is just right for me. If you like chewy tapioca on the softer side then I absolutely recommend. My favourite drinks are sesame, taro oreo, mango, and strawberry.

书亦烧仙草 Shuyi Tealicious
2555 Erin Centre Blvd Unit 3, Mississauga - L5M 5G9
Cuisines: Bubble Tea Taiwanese
Customer's reviews..
The Mississauga store 2555 Erin Centre Blvd Unit 3, Mississauga, ON L5M 5G9‘s card machine has been broken for 1 months. They don’t fix it and said cash only. No apology for the broken machine. They don’t want to fix it. Their attitude is rude and act like it’s my fault for not bring the cash. Bad management. Also they don’t notify me input my phone number to redeem my points. The severer are unprofessional. The way they talk to customer is like not trained at all.
The ordering experience is terrible. They only accept orders online, even if you’re already at the store at the cash register. Even so, a single order is a minimum 30 minute wait.Their brand caption means “Toppings take up half the cup” but this brand is the most stingy one I’ve come across. The tapioca and other toppings will fill less than 1/8 of the cup. Been to a few of their outlets and always leave feeling scammed and shorted.
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