Best Lounges in Mississauga, Ontario


Chop Steakhouse & Bar
2001 Argentia Rd, Mississauga - L5N 2L3
Cuisines: Steak House Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Food was exceptional. Good price. Marlee our waitess was constantly coming up to us asking if everything was to outer satisfaction and if we needed any more drinks
Great dinner and service
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Moxies Square One Restaurant $$
100 City Centre Dr #730, Mississauga - L5B 2C9
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Canadian Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Decided to visit this location at square one instead of a pub closer to home Service was exceptional by Jacki and Caitlin Nachos was perfect great cocktails Great atmosphere Will visit again
Had the day off and met up with my cousin so decided to hit up Moxies. Weather was great and inside had a decent crowd inside.Decided to grab the shrimp tacos while my cousin tried the crispy chicken sandwich. My cousin enjoyed her food, she said it was delicious and filling. I’m not usually a fan of tacos because they tend to be the corn flour ones, but these were delicious. A little much in the toppings but very flavourful. We finished it off by grabbing white chocolate brownies which are always a hit.
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Stavro's Greek Restaurant & Lounge $$
11 Pearl St, Mississauga - L5M 1X1
Cuisines: Greek Lounges
Customer's reviews..
I guess these folks didn’t want my business… they all looked at me multiple times but did not care to ask if they could help, take an order or if I was there for pick up. It’s unfortunate because I’ve been here before, and the food was decent. I’ll cross this restaurant off my list.
The souvlaki is sublime. Just beautiful. Excellent portions. Potatoes were soft, and golden. The bread warm and fresh - soft but toasty and crisp. The rice was subtle and delicious. The salad was crisp and so fresh, the cherry tomatoes bursting. And the grilled meat was excellent.The atmosphere of the restaurant is so nice. It's small but in a good way - cozy and inviting. It's got a very authentic feel.I will definitely be back.
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Moxies Courtneypark Restaurant $$
75 Annagem Blvd, Mississauga - L5T 2Y3
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Canadian Lounges
Customer's reviews..
I am fan of this Moxie location, experience is great on each visit. I loved their bar area but dining area is equally good and welcoming. Always good service and food tastes great. Half price wine Wednesday’s is my team’s favourite time to be here. In summers patio experience is great too!If you are here and vegetarian then try their Roasted Tomatoes & Whipped Feta and my all time favourite Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps. Guac dip and chips also tastes great. For kids, kids menu work out just amazing, my daughter enjoy here. Cheers and Bon Appetit!..Follow my IG @nitingargstudio for more food posts and reels!
I don't remember the last time we were at a Moxie's restaurant but thankfully this recent visit was a positive experience. We were here to celebrate my daughter's birthday, and we all enjoyed what we ordered. Surprisingly the calamari, and the tuna poke bowl were delish! The nachos was plentiful, and my fave was the tuna sushi stack. We had the cheesecake for dessert, which was also really good. The server was knowledgeable and friendly. Will definitely return to this location.
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The Open Cork Restaurant & Lounge $$
2101 Dundas St E, Mississauga - L4X 1M3
Cuisines: Italian Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Absolutely horrible.Wait staff and manager not wearing masks. Screaming children and horrible service and sub par food. Never again!!
This was my 2nd visit. First time was during the pandemic but this time, we went for my brother's birthday, we arrived at the restaurant for 7:30 for dinner and the service was terrible. We left by 10:30.There was only one server who was waiting 6 tables and he basically didn't care that we were there. It was really disappointing as we felt we were not given an exceptional service.We spent almost 200$ and I didn't enjoy my meal because half the time I was letting my server know, we have no received our appetizers or where is our water, or drinks and food?People who had arrived after us, ate and had gone home, we were still waiting on food.My compliments to the chef as the food was delicious. I hope the owner either adds more server or understands the problem here that caused my friends to reconsider revisting to their restaurant.P.s. do not get the mushroom soup, it was very bland and not flavorful
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Moxies Argentia Restaurant $$
2959 Argentia Rd, Mississauga - L5N 0A2
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Canadian Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Excellent customer service! We picked up take out and there was a certain item missing in the order. General Manager (Jon Rodgers) took the time to make sure the order was corrected and delivered. Amazing customer service!
What a great quiet corner for a business lunch on the patio!! The creative gin cocktail was enjoyable. I will say though, reason for non 5 stars sadly, the prices have gone up and the amount of protein has gone down. I understand, but it is still difficult to go frequently. Excellent flavours, excellent service.
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Spice Lounge and Tapas $$
52 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga - L5G 1E1
Cuisines: Lounges Tapas/Small Plates
Customer's reviews..
This place is a scam, tbh!A pitcher of mojito with no alcohol just soda and syrup costs $70The tapas are $12 plus and you get one tiny serving. And the taste is very mediocre. They are trying to sell this place as a harbour/beach side shack but honestly, I am not paying $12.5 for a cocktail that’s not even tasty as a mocktail.Servers are friendly and service is nice. Food is really not that great if you compare the price.
The OG late night spot that’s been around since before PC got the nightlife it currently has.R&A are nothing but top notch hosts, catering to every need be it a small table of two or a maxed out 50 person event upstairs (sugar room).The micro sized kitchen faces heavy demand with the new patio but Cristian always wins the battle.Try the Ahi Tuna! Best seafood dish on the block
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&Company Resto Bar $$
295 Enfield Pl, Mississauga - L5B 3J4
Cuisines: Lounges Venues & Event Spaces Party & Event Planning
Customer's reviews..
The best place in Mississauga to rock.
Went for a birthday party, and what a terrible experience. First we went for dinner upstairs, there were approx 30-40 of us. Now I know things take longer when you have large groups, but this was beyond what you would expect. We ordered dinner at 9:30pm, and at 10:54 we still hadn’t received our food. I ordered chicken sliders and French fries. The server came to tell us that they ran out of chicken. Why did we only find that out 1.5 hours later? We could have changed our order, now the kitchen was out of everything we wanted. So as a gesture, they brought us out steaks instead….. but most of our group was Hindu and doesn’t eat beef…so that went to waste. Then we went downstairs for the club portion of night. This wasn’t bad, actually quite fun (hence the 1 star)…. Except for the fact I was almost assaulted in the co-Ed bathrooms. I went to go into a stall, when a man (who just exited another stall) forced himself into the bathroom stall after me and tried to close the door. I was able to push him out and lock the door (there was a lot of yelling and shoving). One of my gfs was in another stall and heard the whole thing. Scariest moment of my life! I’d advise this establishment to post security upstairs (rather than at the bottom of the stairs, around the corner) in the bathroom area, as it’s very secluded, co-ed and leaves women vulnerable to drunken advances. Overall one the most memorable experiences of my life, but not in the way I wanted.
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Cabana Restaurant & Lounge
1590 Dundas St E #3, Mississauga - L4X 2Z2
Cuisines: Caribbean Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Very delicious food, friendly staff. Nice prices and portions also ?
I'm a long time purveyor of the West Indian restaurant/club scene. From Cutty's in the 70's, to Talk of the Town in the 80's, to Calypso Hut in the 90's, to Taj Mahal and Scarborough's very own Tropical Nights today. But, by far, this restaurant tops the list. Great food, great service and beautiful women. This restaurant and night club has it all.
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Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge $$
3055 Dundas St W, Mississauga - L5L 3R8
Cuisines: Lounges
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Caribbean Sunset Restaurant-Bar & Lounge $$
1001 Meyerside Dr, Mississauga - L5T 1J6
Cuisines: Caribbean Lounges Chinese
Customer's reviews..
Food is great only if you are lucky enough to get it on time. Way too slow service even if they have less customer. Made me wait more then 20 min and still no food, i canceled the order and also got late for work for no reason.
Food is really good. If they tell you your order will be ready in 15 minutes be there in 40 lol

Ivy Castle Restaurant by Renaissance the Creek $$
2120 Dundas St E, Mississauga - L4X 2V3
Cuisines: Venues & Event Spaces Lounges Portuguese
Customer's reviews..
Excellent cuisine and services
Amazing food and service.The quality and selection of the Buffet is something that you don't see often around
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Fregata Restaurant $$
1900 Dundas St E, Mississauga - L4X 2Z4
Cuisines: Lounges
Customer's reviews..
From the Sugaring & Massage Spalon team - Thank you Jerry and Alexa for the awesome service - we had a lot of fun as a team and look forward to coming back - much needed stress relief for the team xoxo
I booked ladies night out on Saturday and we all had a good time at Fregata Music was to our liking 💃🏻 Food was tasty and portions were generous Our waiter was very friendly , attentive and handsome too 😉 P.S As for interior design of this place my friend recommends some updates…
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Lobby The Lounge $$
5400 Dixie Rd, Mississauga - L4W 4T4
Cuisines: Lounges
Customer's reviews..
The 'lady 'barkeep' was lovely - the Food was horrible - The Rice Bowl was soggy and tasted like some second rate frozen dinner - the Prime Rib Iceberg Mix Cobb Salad came with burnt fried bits of what appeared to be leftover beef and chopped up sad more yellow than green plain iceberg - no mix - 'decorated' with a few whole grape tomatoes and a small mound of likely prepackaged grated cheddar cheese plus a couple of other items - disgusting for what otherwise appears to be a moderately nice environment. Both were refused.The Sandman Hotel is going to lose clientele to the competition if it doesn't do something about it's 'food prep' kitchen staff.
We stayed at the hotel right above this place and fortunately we had Loi serving us that day and he is such a great server, he made the experience much more better and his recommendations are great. The food was good (especially the steak bites) and Ceasar Salad. Definitely coming back for a day trip.
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Central Nightclub $$
35 Brunel Rd, Mississauga - L4Z 3E8
Cuisines: Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Will never go here again they don't take any safety precautions when entering the club, when my sisters and I were approached by a young man we kindly said no thanks and he kept harrassing us and then threatened to kill us and wouldn't back off so my fiancee stepped in and told him to back off and the guy wouldnt, he then shoved my fiancee so I called over a body gaurd and instead of listening to us and removing him for the club they just let him stay with a warning.
What a dump.. Plus the door guys think they’re Mike Myers in Studio 54

American Airlines Admirals Club
6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga - L5P 1B2
Cuisines: Lounges Airport Lounges
Customer's reviews..
Always overcrowded, but better than the priority pass place next door.
Note the hours of operation. Get the stamp on your boarding ticket for re-entry. Day passes available.

Layali Ambrosia
5835 Dixie Rd, Mississauga - L4W 4V7
Cuisines: Lounges Mediterranean
Customer's reviews..
We were staying nearby and didn't want to go far, but also didn't want to eat fast food. We went right at the start of dinner, so we had the place to ourselves. The server was very kind and we enjoyed most of our meal. I would suggest sticking with the traditional food since that is their specialty. Our son had a burger and it was seasoned with something that gave it a weird taste, but the middle eastern cuisine was quite good and the portions were also reasonable for the price of the items.
Pretty friendly waiters and they do their work fast. Dishes are tasty and they're always in fresh condition, thank you!
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