Best Asian Fusion in Mississauga, Ontario


Katsuya - Mississauga $$
1224 Dundas St W, Mississauga - L5C 4G7
Cuisines: Asian Fusion Japanese
Customer's reviews..
Came here to try their pork katsu and croquettes. Super impressed even though they can only do takeout right now. The food was packaged well and all the soups and sauces were separated so didn’t steam up the katsu. The pork katsu was about what I expect from a juicy well cooked katsu, I can only imagine how much better it would taste eating in person Instead of it waiting getting a little cold in my car. It was still very juicy and crispy when I got home. The more surprising thing is now good the croquettes were. They had crab, cheese, and potato filling and came with a side of tar tar like sauce, it was heavenly , beyond my expectations , would come back just for the croquettes alone. Can’t recommend this place enough, would trek out for
I think the establishment would benefit from more table staff. We had keep trying to flag someone down after 10 mins of being seated and not being able to order. Overall food was good. Rice portion is small. Will come back with hopes of more attentive service.
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Spoon and Fork Corner $$
1225 Dundas St E #14B, Mississauga - L4Y 2C5
Cuisines: Asian Fusion Japanese Bubble Tea
Customer's reviews..
Service is fast and friendly. Food is consistently good. I love that we can order a large variety of food. Having a sushi appetizer and then hot Thai curry or noodle dish is amazing. Prices are fair and portion sizes are generous. We visit often.
This was my first time and was quite impressed! The dishes were so fresh and delicious. Presentation was on point. The ambience and spacious seating area was a welcomed addition. The servers were ALL very attentive and courteous. Our server that day Jackie made our time there a very fun and pleasant experience! Will definitely be going back again!!. Please check them out when in the area.
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Avani Asian Indian Bistro $$
801 Matheson Blvd W, Mississauga - L5V 2N6
Cuisines: Indian Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Very authentic Indian cuisine, well spiced and not watered down. There is a great variety of food and they will modify the heat to your taste. The interiors are well done and cosy. Service was quick and the servers were attentive and responded to any requests with a smile. They observed social distancing protocols. The price of each dishes was maybe 10-15% more than average but the quality makes up for it. You do get what you pay for.
We visited this place last year and we had amazing patio dinner at this place..If I could give 10 stars, I would!Avani Mississauga is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. The ambiance, service and the quality of food are all top notch.The staff were incredible and were so quick with everything. Your glasses were always filled with water and your table was kept clean. Huge kudos to you at the team. BIriyani was of the best i had..Every dish we had was just delicious...You can’t go wrong with anything here.The menu was bit on a pricier side. Can go on a special occasions.
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168 Sushi Buffet $$
2366 Dundas St W, Mississauga - L5K 1R7
Cuisines: Sushi Sushi Bar Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Good food for a reasonable price , we keep coming back !
Absolutely love this all you can eat sushi place! The selection and the quality is outstanding. They also have a super cute robot that delivers your food! It’s fun and engaging! 168 also has a loyalty program which is nice! There is free parking here.
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Axia Restaurant $$
5045A Plantation Pl B, Mississauga - L5M 6J3
Cuisines: Asian Asian Fusion Chinese
Customer's reviews..
Great service but food....not that great.
Gem of a place! Great ambience, food and service. I read in one of the reviews that the portions were small and that was not the case. The portions were large and moderately priced. We ended up ordering more than we could eat and had to box them.We had the Miso Soup, Axia Spring Rolls and the Korean Dumplings for starters, followed by the Maki Boat, a Bento box, Sweet and Sour chicken, Axia Chilli Chicken, Garlic Pepper Chicken, Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin and the Chicken Fried Rice. All of it was delicious and we were stuffed.All in all, it was a wonderful experience with the Asian decor and food. Will surely go there again.
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K&B Sushi $$
6400, 1 Millcreek Dr #1, Mississauga - L5N 3E7
Cuisines: Sushi Sushi Bar Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
All-you-can oriental buffet - mix of Japanese, Chinese & a little Thai. Decent variety but lots of dishes drowning in pre-made bottled sauces. Meat quality not the greatest. Food quality for what you pay is lacking. Service was good. Restaurant was clean and COVID protocols were being followed.
Went there on a Saturday dinner with the family.Tips:1) Go there before 5 pm to avoid long wait time to get seated. Past 5 pm serve time takes longer because of the volume of orders placed.2) Food are placed through an iPad, some food comes 1-piece per order, some comes 3 to 4 per order.3) Price was $37.50 per person, all you can eat, weekend, dinner time. Tip is built-in in your bill.4) Around 6 pm, order takes more than 5 minutes to come. Our "desserts" came after 15 minutes, it's because of the volume of orders placed at the same time.Food was good and fresh.Yes, I would recommend this place
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Mi'Hito Sushi Laboratory $$
90 Courtneypark Dr E, Mississauga - L5T 2Y3
Cuisines: Asian Fusion Japanese Sushi Bar
Customer's reviews..
Yummi Yummi, awesome suchi, fresh and tasty) good price)
I got the salmon Poke bowl with brown rice, it was very tasty but the rice didn't seem right, maybe I should have gotten the white rice instead. It's a bit expensive but healthier than the other fast food places. Will come back and try other items on the menu.
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Royal Jasmine $$
Royal Jasmine, 5165 Dixie Rd #3, Mississauga - L4W 4G1
Cuisines: Hakka Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Tasty food. Very good portions. Restaurant was clean, service was good. Very busy with lots of take out orders. Will visit again for sure.
Great atmosphere. Went in the afternoon. Served within 9 minutes with a chicken hot and sour soup. Amazing fresh and packed with flavors! I can taste what I'm eating. Main dishes came within 23 minutes. The thai chili chicken was a bit on the hard side, but still tasted great. The chicken fried rice was excellent and again, hot and tasting great. Can see the servers were checking on us every few minutes and were communicating effectively. Great service! I took a peek and saw the chicken manchurian gravy being served at the other table. Looked great! Will come back.
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I Love Pho $$
848 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga - L5C 2S3
Cuisines: Vietnamese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Good foods. I like their phos and other items. Nice service. Clean place. All the suaces, salt peppers, spoons, sticks whatever you need are on the table. Visited few times and will continue.
They renovated the restaurant during Covid, it looks nicer , brighter and spacious now. I came here for Saturday lunch, business was busy with dine-in and take out. I was getting seated quick and served with cold tea (used to be hot Chinese tea, I guess it was hot day so they served cold Chinese tea). Ordered chicken/pork chop rice with sunny egg, I like how they have marinated vege served at side, it makes the entire serving more appetitive! Price was reasonable, based on the serving portion. Will come back again.
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Ming Room $$
6461 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga - L5N 1A6
Cuisines: Chinese Halal Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
As a vegan that loves a variety of cuisines this was amazing. The fact alone that they had vegan specific options is amazing and the options tasted good! Me and my friend pwe got a lot of food and it was pretty reasonably priced. We will be returning! All they need is a vegan wonton soup! Mmmmm
I won't say they are the best Hakka spot in Mississauga; maybe not even top 3 but they are consistent and much more affordable than other spots. Their combos are also very good value. Their manchurian chicken is a lot spicier than other Hakka spots though. The food is always fresh and never have to wait too long. They offer delivery which sets them apart from other Hakka spots. They are tucked away a stones throw away from Streetsville. You really have to look for them next to Burger King
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Hakka Legend Asian Cuisine $$
6415 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga - L5N 4H4
Cuisines: Chinese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Great service staff, food was quick to arrive and hot. Most dishes were very saucy and the portions were substantial. Excessive breading on the chicken. My personal preference is more savory food, I found the flavors were less intense than I had hoped. Good for family dining or trying out hakka food.
For the craving of Soup we went to this restaurant. Seating was smooth. According to the server they only serve Halal and there is no Alcohol included in the food of any kind which was a treat to have. We ordered Manchow soup (Chicken and Shrimp) and Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce.Good thing about their serving size is good for atleast 2-3 person and it comes with a small bowl of boiled rice. Bowl of rice is only for 1 person. I ordered a bowl of rice again for taste and try.Food was fresh, tasting good. Little spicy as per my taste.Servers were kind and nice.Restrooms were nice and clean, this is also an area of my concern. All in all good place to dine in with fresh healthy food and environment.
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I Love Pho 2 $
1248 Dundas St E, Mississauga - L4Y 2C5
Cuisines: Vietnamese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Beef had very stringy fat. Reminder me of snot. Broth was luke warm. Also not sure what kind of meat they use… really does not remind me of beef at all.
It was a Monday, and we had a hard time to find a restaurant opened until we landed on this one. ?We got a tablet to swipe their was very confusing. So I choose the most popular one the I am Pho soup? along with a seafood soup.When the food came, it was so hot, well-cooked and portionned. Ohlala...I find the taste super good, just a bit too salty.?☺️
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Bamboo Legend $$
3145 Dundas St W, Mississauga - L5L 4V5
Cuisines: Asian Thai Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Dropped in for my break from work, sat down,got hooked up to the WiFi, downloaded the menu, everything looked so good, so took me sometime to choose. I ordered the Spicy Fish Cakes and the Chicken & Shrimp Curry Pad Thai. And it's was sooooo good! It's been more than 24 hours and still thinking about it. Plus the restaurant was nice and clean with soft music playing in the background. Definitely coming back with wife here?
WOW. fantastic food. friendly service. loved every minute. we’ll be back FOR SURE!
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Thai Cuisine Experts $$
2155 Leanne Blvd, Mississauga - L5K 2K8
Cuisines: Thai Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Fantastic food, cooked to perfection every time - highly recommend, experts indeed!
Flavourful, fresh and so delicious! All items Halal. We got the fried rice (all food was generously sized!), penang curry (our favourite item ordered!), green curry (SO Flavourful) and chicken cashew stir fry. Loved the customer service too. Wish I lived closer and could eat this all the time, can't wait to be back to try new dishes!The restaurant could get crowded as the rating area is small. They seem to be very busy with take out. Something to consider during busy lunch hours but we found it easy to find a table in the evening.
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Happy Lamb Hot Pot, Mississauga 快乐小羊 (快乐小羊火锅店 - 密西沙加分店) $$
1100 Burnhamthorpe Rd W #17, Mississauga - L5C 4E9
Cuisines: Hot Pot Chinese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
We went on a Saturday night, they do not take reservations, so had to wait an hour to get in. Tried the Ying_Yang(half n half) broth with a variety of meats and veggies. The broth was nice, a little on the saltier side, meats were fresh. I would advice to go there early as they tend to rush you after 930pm as the kitchen closes. The price is on the higher side for a hot pot dinner.
First time here, got the shared hot pot. We got the clear and hot spicy one. You can also get single ones too. Just so you know, the broth is a extra change on top of all the toppings. It was all you can eat, we went for everything lamb. Slice lamb, lamb meat balls, lamb dumpling. We also got beef, shrimp and mussels with some veggies. We got 2 rounds of food and was so full. The first round came out really quick and the second round was a little bit slower. They only had 2 severs on the floor and they kept forgetting things. You had to ask them twice to get what you wanted. I would have gave them 5 stars if the service was better. It's the robot server that made up for it. Very neat ?. You got to eat here! Have a look at my pictures and press the like button!

Hot & Sour $$
1010 Dream Crest Rd, Mississauga - L5V 3A4
Cuisines: Chinese Asian Fusion Halal
Customer's reviews..
Have been to this place twice and the best about this place is it’s taste and the quality in the food. It’s very classy on its way for the taste and the ambience is good. We are treated with care. Must visit place
I was cautious at first after seeing mixed reviews, but in my experience, I felt it was Authentic roadside Chinese food of India. I highly recommend this place to give it a shot. I ordered 4 itemsDragon Chicken, Chicken Manchurian fried rice, Chicken Manchurian chowmeim and Hot & Sour soup. I thoroughly enjoyed it.Quantity is just perfect, and you get what you pay for it.I will surely revisit. Please don't change!!??
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Asian Wok 'n' Roll $$
6905 Millcreek Dr #13, Mississauga - L5N 6A3
Cuisines: Chinese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
We were left impressed by its large sitting area and airy ambience during lunch time, when we settled ourselves next to one of their large windows. The lunch time special is what we ordered (soup+rice+dish). At $10, it is an economical meal, with a good portion size. However, the food could be way better; hot & sour soup was spicier than we usually like- friend rice was par for the course, however the dish (deluxe fried veggies & Manchurian) was rather bland and half baked- the oil seemed unhealthy and the sauces weren't as flavourful as you would expect from a good Hakka Chinese place. All in all, a passable meal, but may not visit again.
This restaurant was the best Chinese restaurant I've ever been to.When I entered, the atmosphere and seating arrangement was nice. Also, the staff were super friendly, they would come to our table once in a while and ask if we needed anything, and the food was very nice in both quality and quantity. The menu was big and all of the food was very yummy! If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant, this is the one I would recommend for you to eat at.
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Annapoorna Takeout $
5390 Terry Fox Way, Mississauga - L5V 0A5
Cuisines: Indian Asian Fusion Sri Lankan
Customer's reviews..
The brown rice was a bit mushy, but the curries were tasty and inexpensive. Takeout only.
We ordered vada, chicken biryani , egg kothu rotti and chilly chicken.The urad dal vada and Chana dal vada both were very hard. Was not tasty also.Egg kothu roti was white in color with no flavor and was very dry. Chicken biryani was like some chilly rice, not one flavors of biryani was present. That was a total waste. Chilly chicken was kind of ok. The price is moderate but taste is not even average. Have to try their curries yet, but feeling little bit reluctant to come again. Will never recommend this shoppe to any one. Totally not a good experience.Forgot to mention, the staff at the counter was very good and so their service.There is also rajdhani sweets just next to the shop.

Pho Mi 99 $
3920 Grand Park Dr, Mississauga - L5B 4M6
Cuisines: Vietnamese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Use to be my go to spot before pandemic! Went back today and was happy with everything as always. Great food, good service and owner is super nice whenever we go there.
Ordered Pho from this place and asked for the meat well done as always. They sent me a bowl of bloody rare beef. When I poured the broth into the bowl it was dark red. So gross....I called the restaurant to resolve the issue and they just said maybe you can cook it yourself.... No I can't when it's already mixed and full of blood. Disgusting.

Get Grill $$
6815 Airport Rd Unit C2, Mississauga - L4V 1E6
Cuisines: African Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
The food is pretty good, but the big issue is the standards in the place. Two employees working in the kitchen without masks and one is in the middle of the kitchen eating her meal while food is being prepped. Seems like there are no covid guidelines in this place for employees.Not coming back again, gave it another shot and the same employee is eating in the kitchen again.
Food is good been here maybe total of 10 times. but got two small wraps today July 12. Ordered jerk and butter chickens. They didn't put any flavours both wraps taste exactly the same. They don't taste like either jerk or butter chicken sooo who ever made these wraps today/tuesday at 3pm messed up clearly...had the jerk so many times but very disappointed today.
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Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ
90 Burnhamthorpe Rd W Unit105, Mississauga - L5B 3C3
Cuisines: Japanese Barbeque Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
Meat selection is delicious. We're a small group of 5 and ordered the Shogun Set Menu and Kobe Kalbi....service was challenging but it worked out in the end. Desserts were tasty and enjoyable...the best part of the evening was the taiyaki and green tea tiramisu although frozen was nice.
We had a set menu and it was all excellent. You do not need extra items.
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LEE Kitchen $$
6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga - L5P 1B2
Cuisines: Asian Fusion Chinese French
Customer's reviews..
Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Food was good.
Better of grabbing a previously prepared sandwich.The noodle soup had no flavor and looked exactly like in the picture (unappetizing). First think my wife said after trying it was: pass me the soy sauce. This explains all the sauces taking half of the table space ?.I had the Mango salad/Chicken satay and there was Asian about that dish. The chicken was really dry cut in 2 big chunks and burnt. Could not figure out what seasoning it had.The Dim Sum was hard to describe. Too wet and the flavor was like anything I have had before. Not bad, but definitely not good.The service was good, they messed the order she's gave us a free Har Gao order.
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King Asian $$
2500 Hurontario St, Mississauga - L5B 1N4
Cuisines: Asian Chinese Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
My new favorite Chinese food restaurant.Wish I had of known of this place before.Friendly people.
Wow, what a hidden little gem! You'd never expect this just walking by this restaurant in its plaza location. I only saw the good Skip reviews before I ordered, and I'm glad I did, because these low reviews are ridiculous. I ordered the Pork Fried Rice which was crammed in the container with lots of tasty pork chunks! Clearly the owners do not chintz on the portion sizes. Even my Chicken Balls were exploding out of the box, of which are by far the best chicken balls I've ever had! These things were massive - I can't imagine the size of the chickens these came from! ;p They were perfectly thinly battered with tons of meat in the center, and this was consistent. As a chicken ball connoisseur, these make the Mandarin chicken balls taste like gizzards wrapped in texas toast! They are even better than the famous House of Chan restaurant at almost half the price! The last dish I ordered was the lemon chicken. It too had the sauce separate like the chicken balls, and it looked oddly like a sliced mini French bread. It also was stuffed with huge amounts of tasty chicken. I wasn't a fan of the lemon sauce, for me it needed to be sweeter, but once I poured the sauce all over the chicken and let it soak, instead of dipping, it tasted a little better overall. Although I wasn't a fan of the lemon sauce, the huge chunks of meat more than made up for that. I'll definitely be going back to this restaurant, and it's my new go-too for my chicken ball cravings!
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Red Panda Pavilion
730 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga - L5G 1J6
Cuisines: Asian Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
We ordered food from here. Robbie was so kind to call me and tell me that the food was ready for pick up. The food was very delicious and a good quantity. He also gave us complimentary salad and spring rolls which was really generous on his behalf. I totally appreciate his customer service and his kindness. This is the first time that I ordered from this restaurant and I would totally go back and recommend this place. Its a breath of fresh air dealing with such kind people like Robbie. Thank you Robbie. If u are the owner keep up the good work and your kindness above all. God bless you and I really pray that you are very successful
Came here on a Saturday late afternoon for lunch. The customer service was phenomenal. I ordered breaded calamari rings and Thai honey fish. I liked the calamari rings but wasn't really a fan of the fish.
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Twist By Roger Mooking $$
, Mississauga -
Cuisines: Caribbean Asian Fusion
Customer's reviews..
had a roach crawl across my menu! All I got was a oops it happens welcome to Toromto. like WTF! I manage bars and restaurants for 20+ years I would never approve of my staff saying this!
Absolutely the best Fried Chicken I have ever had. Truly a craft fried chicken, this isn’t just flour, salt / pepper and chicken + hot oil, it is a thought out and treated breast (bone in). Marinated / brined.. seasoned to perfection. I get this every time I fly through Toronto and have taken doggie bags..