Best Gluten-Free in Victoria, British Columbia


Glo Restaurant + Lounge $$
2940 Jutland Rd, Victoria - V8T 5K6
Cuisines: Gluten-Free Burgers American
Customer's reviews..
My wife, our son and I had a wonderful evening in November in this l9vely restaurant. We are relatively new to Victoria and are trying various restaurants to find our favorites. And I can comfortably say that the Glo is far and away our first choice so far. The location on the water... the decoration, the menu, and of course the patio are all superb! Reasonably priced and thecservice is lovely and we felt so comfortable. We will be regulars at this place for sure! Many thanks to all the staff and owners.
Meh for food; but then again, if we wanted good food we wouldn’t go to Glo. This “global locale” gets away with a lot because of its waterfront location. Met up with friends we haven’t seen in ages (for a mid-afternoon 3:00 pm reservation), and were informed that we needed to vacate the table for incoming reservations. It would have been good to know there was a clock running in the background (and we would have made different choices).Food: don’t order tuna taco (the chef really needs to visit other restos to get a sense for what the going vibe is); lamb burger, thumbs up; fries, pretty darn good; and thumbs up for the lettuce wraps. Nobody was really unhappy (until we were told we had to leave!). Plan ahead Kids.
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Be Love $$
1019 Blanshard St, Victoria - V8W 2H4
Cuisines: Vegetarian Vegan Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
I have given this restaurant a try a total of four times. I found the staff to be quite cold/rude. Looking forward to the food I thought I would enjoy but was disappointed with everything I have tried. (besides the bliss kiss which they did a great job on)Other than the dessert, every drink I ordered came out watery (the matcha & turmeric latte)And my most recent experience;I had ordered a soup and reuben sandwich. I had taken the order to go and didn’t realize that as I was walking, the soup was leaking through the bag onto my work clothes.. they hadn’t sealed the lid on my soup. Lastly, when I went to eat my sandwich most of the insides had fallen out within the first bite.I really want to support and enjoy this restaurant for everything they seem to stand for but I just don’t feel it aligns with the quality of service or food that I have received. Pretty dissatisfied.
I love how a lot of the components in the meal are house made. If you don’t like vegan food, you probably won’t appreciate this restaurant as much. I like vegan food and found this to be some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had. Even the side salad was tasty! Excellent matcha latte and kombucha elixir. I really enjoyed my ZLT order. I especially appreciated the key lime cheesecake at the end. Will be going back for sure!
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Med Grill Royal Oak $$
4512 W Saanich Rd, Victoria - V8Z 3G4
Cuisines: Mediterranean Gluten-Free American
Customer's reviews..
My friends and I had a great meal at the Med Grill on Sunday night. The food was terrific, especially the Caesar salad. Due to the demonstration on the Pat Bay Highway, my friends were late arriving, but the staff accommodated us without any problems. We also stayed a little overtime, but there was no 'pressure' to go. Our waitress was super and helped with all our little requests (like not bringing the wine until the main course.) We will definitely be back! ?
Everything was excellent and seemingly effortless… Staff were kind and courteous without being over the top. Steak cooked perfectly and they didn’t bat an eye with me making a few substitutions.My partners meal (Prosciutto wrapped Chicken) came out a few minutes after mine (The only minor demerit) but both entrees were exceptionally plated and absolutely delicious. Again, great service, food quality and atmosphere. Will be returning.
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Tonollis Deli $
CA, 6991 E Saanich Rd, Victoria - V8Z 5Z2
Cuisines: Breakfast Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
I had the Toscano panini, was good but overloaded with marinated artichokes which overpowered the other flavours, so 3 stars not 5 this visit
We happened to pass by this place and decided to give it a try. The atmosphere is excellent. The outdoor seatings is so cute. Excellent short cake, nicely paired with their green tea

West Coast Waffles $$
1235 Broad St, Victoria - V8W 2A4
Cuisines: Gluten-Free Fast Food
Customer's reviews..
Very delicious! Perfect stop for perfect breakfast
Ordered banana waffle, I said it needs to be vegan, he said no problem.Then I get the $20.00 something waffle, only to realize that it has real dairy whipped cream all over it. When I point that out a vegan waffle can't have real cream, he said, you ordered it that way, and just turned and walked away from our table and he stayed behind counter until we left.What's the point of that, saying it's vegan and then smothering it in dairy... make your customers sick, really.Be careful when you order, even when it's acknowledged vegan. They obviously don't accept the contradiction.
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Rawthentic Eatery $$
4440 W Saanich Rd #108, Victoria - V8Z 3E9
Cuisines: Vegan Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
I went there, happy to get some vegan meals. Many great choices and the food is usually ok for quick take-out. It is a nice location too. But...please wear gloves when you handle the food and make meals with bare hands. I was told that you wash your hands. That is not enough, especially in these times with COVID. You are bound to touch something: your hair, a pen, a receipt, etc. (which one of the employee did). Then this other employee was coming back from what I assume was her lunch break and went in the back area, then to the front to prepare meals and wash dishes. I didn't see her wash her hands. Maybe she did in the back, maybe not. A customer shouldn't have to wonder about that. Wear gloves. It's the minimum requirement in the food industry. I cannot go back there until something is done about that part. Also, a mask would be great... and a net for long hair. Will definitely add more stars when this part is dealt with.
Really delicious food and smoothies - but the place looks and feels like it’s falling apart. Definitely could use an interior refresh and some regular cleaning. Went yesterday and the staff didn’t wash their hands before making my wrap after coming out from the back room, which grossed me out considering how dirty the restaurant was at the time. The staff are inconsistent as well, sometimes they are super friendly and sometimes they are not at all. Yesterday I stood there with music blasting so loud as the cashier just stared at her screen with no greeting. It was so awkward I wanted to leave but as I said initially, the food is really delicious.
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Origin Gluten-Free Bakery $$
1525 Pandora Ave, Victoria - V8R 6P9
Cuisines: Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
WoW I mean the cinnamon raisins bread feel so good in the mouth, literaly feels like french toast... also intresting to mix ginger cookie with chocolate, otherwise the mix is a new good experience, I also tried the cupcake carrots as the ginger cookie I was well satisfy with the sugar low dosage wich does not corrumpt the whole taste of a bite... I don't know muxh of the Gluten Free universe but your bread smell so good and the texture do not cut the apple in half by being gluten free, nice smell!!)
The service is uneven, but the cakes and pastries are really good. Breads were a little heavy for our taste, but what a treat to have an entirely gluten free bakery available. Almond cakes and lemon tarts are outstanding.
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Serious Coffee View Royal $
1703 Island Hwy, Victoria - V9B 1J1
Cuisines: Coffee Shops Coffee & Tea Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
Really good coffee! Better then Starbucks!!!
The coffee was great. It had a very comfortable atmosphere to sit down and relax.
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Serious Coffee Esquimalt $
1153 Esquimalt Rd #27, Victoria - V9A 3N7
Cuisines: Coffee & Tea Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
Best coffee in esquimalt
Barista didn’t know what a latte frappe was, even though it was on the menu. After several minutes of explaining, got served a cup of bitter sludge full of coffee grounds. When I asked for it to be sweetened, I got told “syrup costs extra”. Please train your baristas…
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Baan Thai Wok & Bar (Oak Bay) $$
2000 Cadboro Bay Rd #104, Victoria - V8R 5G5
Cuisines: Thai Vegetarian Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
This place was amazing. Best take out Thai I've had in a very long time. Will definitely be a repeat customer.
Great food, but the service is about as bad as it can get. After attempting to place an order online, only to have it cancelled by the restaurant, we tried calling in an order. We were hung up on twice, and when we finally did speak to someone we were then directed to place the order online, which as I mentioned previously was cancelled on their end. Apparently they don't want our business...
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De Dutch $$
4011 Quadra St #1, Victoria - V8X 1K1
Cuisines: Breakfast Gluten-Free Canadian
Customer's reviews..
Great breakfast place. Helpful friendly staff
New Young girl served us this morning. She was excellent at her's staff like her that keep us coming back, again and again. Great coffee too. Food was all great..7 of us came for 2 fathers who we were celebrating. One from Mexico, the other one lives close by to your restaurant, it was he who recommended your great establishment..Five star plus restaurant ? ? ?
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Serious Coffee Blanshard $
1609 Blanshard St #100, Victoria - V8W 3C8
Cuisines: Coffee & Tea Gluten-Free
Customer's reviews..
Friendly staff; however my mom's drink didn't get maid properly. She asked for a latte with almond milk and vanilla. No vanilla got put in
A good place for an early latte or cappuccino. They have a good selection of baked goods although the raisin muffin had a bit too much sugar. The lemon cranberry muffin was delicious though and the coffee was excellent. The service was friendly and efficient and prices reasonable.
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1311 Gladstone Ave, Victoria - V8R 1R9
Cuisines: Juice Gluten-Free Vegan
Customer's reviews..
So nice to have a healthy option for a busy mom! The team is awesome and friendly. Both my son and I have loved all the food we tried. Hard to find organic plant based, gluten free options anywhere. Would definitely recommend ....they have some great in store options as favorite is their Matcha! :)
Visited from mainland just to check this place out. Safe to say they smashed their juices out of the park! I tried Majik Lemonade, Refresh, Revitalize and Glow. They were all my favourite!
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