Best Food Trucks in Victoria, British Columbia


Tacofino $
760 Pandora Ave, Victoria - V8W 1N9
Cuisines: Mexican Food Trucks
Customer's reviews..
Went in for lunch, the service was fast and friendly. We got the fish taco (x2), yam taco, and the steak taco. My fiancé's favourite is the yam taco. Mine was the steak by far, the sauce and seasoning on the steak is amazing.
Went to Tacofino - WOW!! This place has the best tacos I've ever had in my life! I got the Fish, Tuna and Chicken tacos and I was not disappointed. Taste, portion and presentation beats anything else in Victoria!! They have Dino Sour stone fruit on tap and I gotta say it really complimented that to-die-for meal.I only gave 2 stars as the kitchen REALLY could use a clean. I understand it's super busy all the time but that kitchen needs an entire scrub down, then a plan to keep it clean.The staff were awesome! The service was great, the hostess and other workers were very nice. Great atmosphere and all around amazing place. I will be returning - Hopefully the kitchen gets some attention after this.-Will update when I visit again next month, and amend the star rating / comment :)
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Deadbeetz Burgers $$
1950D Oak Bay Ave, Victoria - V8R 1C9
Cuisines: Hamburger Food Trucks
Customer's reviews..
I am a vegetarian and I am hoping to help other vegetarians with my review. The cashew chickpea burger at Deadbeetz is fab. It crumbles easily but the mayo is so tasty you don't notice the crumbly part. The house made chips make an excellent side, though be warned, last time, the oil did smell like meat, due to which I couldn't eat the chips.
This place has the best burgers in Victoria! Not to mention their gluten-free bun is amazing! The chicken sandwich beats anything I have had ever! Definitely Nashville hot-it up! The Beetrice is excellent!Why are they so good?1. Clean oil and equipment. So many places do not properly maintain their deep fryers. Deadbeetz fries are clean and crisp everytime!!2. They have a small menu and they make everything with care and attention!3. Staff that cares about quality!LOVE DEADBEETZ!
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Burger Crush $$
787 Fort St, Victoria - V8W 1H2
Cuisines: Hamburger Food Trucks Burgers
Customer's reviews..
Huge praise for Burger Crush ! Stellar customer service during what seemed to be like an incredibly busy evening today. The two younger team members working front of house were incredibly kind, quick, and personable. The kitchen seemed to keep up well with the rush too, emanating good vibes all around. One of my favourite quick food spots in Vic and always a wonderful experience as well. Keep crushing it !
This place is so awesome! More people need to know about it. It has easily become a place we go to all the time! The food is so delicious - the vegan nuggets are TO DIE FOR. The veggie burger is also so so good. A must try if you are new to Victoria or need more places to go! The staff is also always so friendly and nice.
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Puerto Vallarta Amigos $$
Dock C-12 Fisherman's Wharf, 1 Dallas Rd, Victoria - V8V 0B2
Cuisines: Mexican Vegetarian Food Trucks
Customer's reviews..
Sunshine makes a difference - on a sunny day sit outside in this colourful and cheerful place. Take in the fragrance of the sea and the aroma of Mexican food. Located in Fishermen's Warf the restaurant offers great views of the baby and people strolling by.
We tried DIABLA PRAWNS and it was wonderful! The tomato sauce was full of flavor and prawns were cooks just to perfect. (Just be careful if you are sensitive to spices ask for no spice as their medium spice level can still be spicy for many Canadians). Also fish tacos where so so good. Fish was still moist and juicy, the tortillas were so tasty as well. Best costume service and happy cheerful staff. If you are in fisherman Warf you should definitely try this place, you won't be disappointed at all.
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Kattia's kitchen authentic Mexican $$
4636 Elk Lake Dr, Victoria - V8Z 5M1
Cuisines: Mexican Food Trucks Caterers
Customer's reviews..
Kattia's food is just delicious and also well priced. Highly recommended.
We were very excited to have a food truck cater our wedding in the summer of 2022. When researching options we discovered Kattia’s Kitchen and we are so glad that we did! We really wanted to support a local business and when we had our first tasting we knew that Kattia’s kitchen was a perfect fit for us. Kattia is professional, organized, and kind. She offers incredibly delicious cuisine, and a menu that could be adjusted for all dietary needs. We had vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, meals that were safe for severe nut allergies, and delicious meat options for those with no restrictions. We were able to add plates, cutlery, and a busser to elevate the experience. Guests were able to go to the food truck, order what they would like, and they quickly received their gorgeous dinner. It was a HUGE hit with our guests. Folks are still raving about the burritos, tacos, bowls, and ice cream burritos sandwiches. If you're looking for a reliable, professional, delicious, and fun option for your wedding or event, I would highly recommend Kattia’s kitchen authentic Mexican.

L'Authentique Poutine and Burgers
1208 Wharf St, Victoria - V8W 1T9
Cuisines: Fast Food Food Trucks Burgers
Customer's reviews..
The best Poutine in none. The fresh -cut fries are the right shoestring size, cheese curds not big hunks but plentiful & the gravy is outstanding.If the Poutine is any indication, all their other items won't disappoint, I'm sure.Rod
I tried their food truck at the local baseball game recently and if you are a fan of powdered gravy, packaged frozen French fries, and 6 cheese curds for 14 dollars then this is the place for you. But, if you are looking for authentic poutine, like the establishment name, stay away. I have had authentic poutine from Quebec and this doesn’t taste like it at all. I don’t write many negative reviews, but I was not pleased with their food truck, that I would never try their location on warf because I might get the same quality of food at such high price.
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Taco Justice $
1580 Cook St, Victoria - V8T 3N8
Cuisines: Tacos Food Trucks
Customer's reviews..
A decent bite, I tried the Mr Fuji Continental Chicken, and it was a tasty hit, but felt incomplete. I wasn’t sure it was my jam, needed a little bit more sauce, a little less spice, and pickled veg instead of raw cucumbers. It was a like a riff on Tacofino vibes, but wasn’t quite the same. If you plan to check this place out, order ahead, you’ll be glad you did.
First time outta hell and I found justice in a taco shell. Not an ounce of bitterness despite Jesus being a bit of a sack of shite…the light runs low on us all sometimes…my gas was gone and I made it to My favourite Ethiopian to discover google lied and she was closed and I was to starve…thankfully this was not the first time the hours did not align, so as I passed I asked a lovely lady in line, “how late is it open”…7, heaven! Failed above mission and returned famished but thankfully the gracious staff served me up justice in a delicious taco…can you ever go wrong with deep fried avacado??? No
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Melt Truck
2519 Rock Bay Ave, Victoria - V8T 4R7
Cuisines: Food Trucks
Customer's reviews..
Fantastic food here and great coffee. The classic with some onions hits differently and the amount of soul put into his food is amazing. If you want something amazing to kick start your morning it is a sandwich and coffee from this place.
Melt breakfast sandwiches are something to look forward to. Love ‘em
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