Best Fish & Chips in Victoria, British Columbia


Red Fish Blue Fish $$
1006 Wharf St, Victoria - V8W 1N8
Cuisines: Seafood Fish & Chips Food Stands
Customer's reviews..
The place is accessible, public parking is just few steps away.For the price, seems cheaper compared to Fisherman’s Wharf. I loved the chowder and the seafood dishes.The line is quite long. The location though is so nice. ❤️
We got there when they first opened. (We'd noticed that a massive line was the norm, later in the day.) I'd seen it recommended so thought we'd give it a try. They were surly and the fish tacone gave me indigestion.
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Barb's Fish & Chips $$
1 Dallas Rd, Victoria - V8V 0B2
Cuisines: Seafood Fish & Chips Burgers
Customer's reviews..
The food here was fantastic! We got the 2 piece fish supper and it was a decent portion size - 2 good sized battered fish fillets and chips along with a side of coleslaw and 2 small pots of tartar sauce. The batter was crunchy and light, the fish was fresh and delicious! We didn't have to wait long for our food once we ordered and there was plenty of seating available.
On Fisherman's Wharf which by itself is a lot of fun. You order at the counter and they'll give you a buzzer and you pickup at a window. Seating is at picnic tables with plastic utensils. Soft drinks only but the fish & chips are great!
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Finest At Sea $$
27 Erie St, Victoria - V8V 1P8
Cuisines: Seafood Markets Food Stands Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
Amazing place!! It might go unseen if you just focus on the Fisherman's wharf... But be sure to check it out. Is the best place for seafood around
The lingcod was delicious. Best deal on the menu for me, so far. I say so far because I’m coming back to try the salmon, the halibut, the fish tacos, and the burgers!
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Oak Bay Seafood $$
2024 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria - V8R 1E4
Cuisines: Seafood Markets Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
First visit, online ordering for take out, and it was great. Excellent quality with our popcorn shrimp, creamy seafood chowder, oyster burger and Kennebec fries. Very disappointed that the drinks I ordered were not included in my pickup. After the fact, when calling in, I was told that I should have gotten them myself. If that is the case, they ought to clearly tell their customers that, either when ordering or while picking up. I spoke with 2 employees while there and no one said anything. Happily they offered to help me fix this, took my info, and I'll go in to get them later. Super interested in trying their crab takeout next!
Cheers for a good neighbourhood poissonnerie! This isn't JUST a fish and chips place. It's a fresh fish store with good product and charming, helpful staff. The people behind the counter always say or do something spontaneous that makes me smile. They add value with an astute suggestion, or say something appropriate and funny, or multitask cleverly to keep things moving for everyone efficiently. And the fish has always been perfect.
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Salty's Fish and Chips $$
738 Goldstream Ave, Victoria - V9B 5T2
Cuisines: Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
The fries were great. The fish was meaty and yummy.
Great fish and chips. Good service.
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Fire & Water Restaurant $$
728 Humboldt St, Victoria - V8W 3Z5
Cuisines: Canadian Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
We dined here for breakfast twice during our recent stay at the Marriott. The food was quite tasty and the service was even better! I can’t remember our waitress’ name but she was super friendly, funny and efficient. I would say it’s a little on the expensive side, especially for breakfast.Hubby had the omelette both days and enjoyed it. I had the cinnamon French toast one day and the sandwich the other day. Both were good!
Me and my friend have been here once before and had a wonderful experience but our service in the restaurant today was not pleasant at all. Super rude staff.
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WILLOWS GALLEY FISH & CHIPS Will Be Closed For End Of Summer Holidays From Monday August 24 And Will Reopen Thursday September 3 @ 12:00 $$
2559 Estevan Ave, Victoria - V8R 2S8
Cuisines: Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
great amazing staff fast an delicious meal. great portions
Went to this place when it wasn't to busy, an I still got a bad taste. The single piece of cod was priced fair because of the inflation, but the piece I thought I would have got was not it. This was so small, I would have complained if I didn't just take my bag and drove away. The batter on the fish was gummy Aswell, like the ratio of flour, water and w.e they used was way off. Please take it back to the drawing board. The Chips were decent enough, they gave you alot to overcompensate the small pieces and the side sucked.
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Old Vic Fish & Chips, plus Food $$
1316 Broad St, Victoria - V8W 2A9
Cuisines: Fish & Chips Seafood
Customer's reviews..
Good place for fish and chips,big pieces,good service…
It was great. Like I doubled down on my cholesterol meds good. Super service, food was excellent, will come back next time we're in Victoria.
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Uptown Bistro $$
400 Boleskine Rd, Victoria - V8Z 1E4
Cuisines: Bistros Fish & Chips Burgers
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Fisherman's Wharf Bed & Breakfast $$
1 Dallas Rd B2, Victoria - V8V 0B2
Cuisines: Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
That was well worth the cost for our fish n chips meal it was Soo good
We travel to Victoria several times a year and recently decided to treat ourselves to a stay at the Fisherman's Wharf Bed and Breakfast. We had seen the B&B before and thought it looked cute and now that we have stayed there we can confirm it is cute inside as well! We stayed in the Poppy room (1 of 2 rentable rooms), and it had delightful elegant poppy décor. The room was more spacious than we anticipated, the bed was comfortable, everything was clean and well cared for and we felt very welcomed when we arrived. We were surprised to find that the B&B isn't noisy in the daytime or at night and having our own little balcony over the water was a treat. There are lots of windows so it is bright inside. There was some gentle movement from the water (there was a breeze but not a strong wind) but it didn't bother us at all. We were given a coupon for breakfast at the Imagine Café which serves organic food and offers ' an experiential & transformative learning space designed as an internship business program for young adults, all cultures & all abilities.', which we thought was wonderful. We both had their French Toast with whipped cream (hey we're on vacation!), which was delicious but we were so tempted by their pastries we bought scones for breakfast the next day. We really love the way these two business mutually partnered to support each other's local business in such a positive way and it was a real win win for us the guests. Parking was included in the cost and was easy to find and close by. Overall it was a great place to stay and we have already posted about it and told many friends because it was a much more enjoyable place to stay than a standard hotel!
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Haultain Fish & Chips $$
1127 Haultain St, Victoria - V8T 1V4
Cuisines: Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
Great fishTip order the small fries it a lot even for two people
I was going on what I was told and told that's the place to get the best fish and chips.WELL ???OH my gosh yes another honest opinion about the places too eat on the island.I wasn't impressed.First off I was impressed by the newspaper wrap but then inside wrapped again and quite grease filled from one piece of halibut that tasted like a rubber sole from a Nike shoe. Plus there was no vinegar,salt, ketchup,lemon, tartar sauce or napkins...for the certainly is not worth it...I don't recommend... this place.I give it a 2 out of 10.
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Marble Arch Fish & Chips $
3468 Tillicum Rd, Victoria - V8Z 1J6
Cuisines: Fish & Chips Seafood Chinese
Customer's reviews..
Love their Chinese food. Local, fresh, down to earth goodness.
Great customer servicd, owners are really nice. Low prices for such a great restaurant. Wide variety of menu choices and they are all great!

Salty's Fish & Chips $$
1008 Craigflower Rd, Victoria - V9A 2Y1
Cuisines: Fish & Chips
Customer's reviews..
I'm giving it a 5 as it was just what I was in the mood for! Being a former fish and Chip shop owner I am picky. I have had better but it was good still. Fish was nice and I enjoy the mushy peas. The chips were ok.
Having moved to the Island just 3 years ago, I am absolutely baffled why we can get better seafood and fish on the prairies than right here next to the Pacific ocean. I am on a quest to find a really great F&C place near us in Esquimalt. This wasn't it.I stopped in for a lunch today, and placed an order for a 2 piece Atlantic Halibut. $32.90 tax & 15% tip included. WAY WAY WAY overpriced for this type of food and overpriced for this meal.What was awesome: Love the presentation of the meal wrapped in newsprint (no dyes or ink, just newsprint). Felt like I was going to experience an authentic British F&C experience, and I was happy when I saw it come out of the kitchen faster than the guy said.Immediate impression: I picked up my package and it felt much lighter than I anticipated. I was asked if I wanted condiments. I had noticed tartar sauce and ketchup in the side fridge, so I was looking forward to a good tartar experience. I was handed two packets of Kraft tartar. Which, in the grand scheme is fine, but at this price point, my expectation was a small thing of house made tartar (tartar is something easy that even I make, so why couldn't they?)The grand reveal: When I opened the package, it was obvious that the 2 1/2 blocks I drove home was enough time for the steam to soften everything and the fries became soggy and batter was now coming off the fish.The food: Generally, I found the fries and fish under-seasoned. The fries seemed like possibly home made and cooked, but were either un-seasoned or under seasoned, yet still had decent flavour. But, as I mentioned, were fairly soggy. The fish was overcooked and bland. Not what I was expecting. The portion sizes were very small filets which was underwhelming.Take-out packaging: If packaging for take-out, just give the customer cutlery and napkins. If I was taking this anywhere but home, I would have to eat with my fingers and use the newsprint to wipe my hands. I'm not going to hold this point directly against the restaurant, as I find it is endemic to the industry -- all restaurants are suffering from poor standards management and underperforming staff that don't think about the customer experience. I don't know how hard it is to remember to give customers cutlery, but everyone is horrible at this!What would have gotten more stars from me: +1 for larger portion sizes & house made tartar that is good; or +1 for $5-9 less for the price.For me, this is a miss for next time, but I am sure many who want to support this local establishment will be fine returning. It's probably one of those things where people are used to it. But jumping in for the first time, big disappointment.
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Brady’s Fish and Chips $$
50 Burnside Rd W #1, Victoria - V9A 1W3
Cuisines: Fish & Chips Seafood
Customer's reviews..
Went for dinner here and food was delicious and the service was excellent, made the trip to the island ?️ that much more enjoyable. Thanks for the great food and service.?? The scallops and shrimp were great ?
Hot tasty glad we went here
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JR Slims
1245 Wharf St, Victoria - V8W 1T9
Cuisines: Pubs Fish & Chips Burgers
Customer's reviews..
Disappointed, portions have been slimmed down majorly. Ordered here since opening, within last few months portions have been skimpy. Tonight was the last order, too bad.
The food was amazing and I can't understand how it wasn't more busy on father's day. Strongly recommend as a hidden gem. Sorry The Keg and Milestones.
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