Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Victoria, British Columbia


The Pacific Restaurant, Terrace and Lounge $$
463 Belleville St, Victoria - V8V 1X3
Cuisines: Family Canadian
Customer's reviews..
A friend and myself have been coming to the Grand Pacific for a few years for Happy Hour and then the last while we have been coming for the early bird dinner. The food is absolutely fantastic. Tasty and well presented. The wait staff is very relaxed and accommodating. We just hope that this doesn't disappear in the uncertain times out there. Our favorite go to restaurant for food, ambience and pleasant staff.
Ate during renos, so not their fault with atmosphere. Great service. Good food. Expensive. It's a good place, but not my top. I would rate higher if I could do part stars (3.6).
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White Spot Langford $$
941 Langford Pkwy, Victoria - V9B 4V5
Cuisines: Family Canadian
Customer's reviews..
I came here about 2 weeks ago for breakfast. It was later in the morning. I have had White Spot breakfast before and love it! Their smash browns are delicious!!!! Love how it's unlimited too!! So I come, got greeted in a friendly manner. They show us to our table. We waited for some time for our server to come and take our order. It's been at least 10 minutes, and still no server. Finally someone that is serving a big group noticed we weren't looked after. So she takes our drink order and goes to get them. She apologized for the lack of service and went off to look for someone to help us out. She still apologizes for no one showing up yet. Finally our server arrives, she also apologizes too. Takes our order. Then the food comes out hot and yummy!I gave 5 stars because there was only, 3 I believe waitresses in the whole building serving all the people that arrived. Plus the hostess. It started to pick up for lunch. The waitresses served us at least, with a smile on their face no matter how much stress they had that morning. They were very friendly. Whenever they seen us she would check in. For sure recommend this White Spot. Eggs Benny ?
My partner and I got take out this past weekend and it was HORRIBLE. The fries tasted super chalky and inedible. We paid an extra $4 to add a poutine to the wrap, and there was BARELY any gravy on the fries. The yam fries were almost undercooked and they forgot the dip that goes with them. The Caesar salad was also inedible as it had a funky smell. The staff member at the take out window was also very rude to us when we asked for a straw for our milkshake(another item they forgot). The prices are definitely not on par with what you get- which is a shame because this used to be our go to spot.
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Crooked Goose Bistro $$
4136 Wilkinson Rd, Victoria - V8Z 5A5
Cuisines: Family Canadian Bistros
Customer's reviews..
New menu is great and the near future menu of smoked meat is exciting. We got to meet the manager today who was very nice. We enjoyed a couple of corn dogs and an order of hushpuppys. Delicious. Live music next Sunday do we will have to check it out. All changes are positive. See ya soon
Amazing smoke house. Their in house BBQ sauce was was also very tasty. I had the baby back ribs and they were so good. I will definitely have them again. My wife enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich and fries. She ate every bit of it. We went on a Sunday night and they had live music. Great musician. It was an excellent night. Well done Crooked Goose!!! Looking forward to the next visit.
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White Spot Saanich (Quadra) $$
3965 Quadra St, Victoria - V8X 1J8
Cuisines: Family Canadian Burgers
Customer's reviews..
Rating 3 stars only based on past experiences being good otherwise it would have been 2. Most recently we received poor (but not unfriendly) service and half of our table's food was cold. The food was tasty though.
Good food but bad service..Dirty glass and utensils.Waitress didn't even bring clean ones when brought and then nothing after,didn't ask if we wanted refill on drinks or ask how the food was ...had to finally go up and ask for bill..won't go back .waitress ignored us after food was brought.
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Apple Tree Restaurant $$
1501 Admirals Rd, Victoria - V9A 2R1
Cuisines: Family Burgers Comfort Food
Customer's reviews..
I got the eggs Benny. It came to my table in less the five minutes and the restaurant was busy. The food was so flavourful. My favourite eggs Benny yet. The eggs were so vibrant they are definitely great quality!
Apple tree restaurant is one of my fave go-to places. The staff is super friendly, the food is great and the kitchen is fast. They have one of my favourite veggie burgers in the city. Highly recommend.
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The Fountain Diner
2800 Bryn Maur Rd, Victoria - V9B 3T4
Cuisines: Family American
Customer's reviews..
Best breakfast place I have been to! The food is always on point everytime! Amazing!
The food is always ok here. The fries are not the best though. Service is not fantastic by any means. The breakfast is good… for that I may recommend. One thing that caught me off guard upon asking for a extra waffle- once I received the bill I realized I had been charged 9$ for a single extra waffle. Also the waffles were extremely soggy. Kind of wish I would have been given a heads up on that. Otherwise decent food!
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White Spot Fort Street
1871 Fort St, Victoria - V8R 1K1
Cuisines: Family Burgers Canadian
Customer's reviews..
Food was good , our server was amazing.Only star removed because half our table was served and done eating before the other half got served, bit we were a big party so totally understandable- however some food for the 2nd half of the table was not hot . Still a great brunch and the staff was super accommodating of our party.
Just ordered clubhouse and fries thru skip the dishes. Over 45 minutes and watching tracking making 7 stops before I got my order completely cold. Not even luke warm. They only way I knew that a one point the bread was toasted was because of the color. Definitely NOT worth the money it cost. Order, taxes, tip etc over $33 for cold food that I had to reheat. I will not be ordering again from here.
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Red Kettle Restaurant $
2630 Bridge St, Victoria - V8T 1T6
Cuisines: Chinese Canadian Family