Best Bar & Grill in Victoria, British Columbia


Moxies Victoria Restaurant $$
1010 Yates St Suite 1, Victoria - V8V 3M6
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Canadian Lounges
Customer's reviews..
What a lovely dining experience! We were greeted warmly and seated by the owner Our server was lovely and just the right amount of attentive Our food was delicious An interesting menu The ambience perfect Moxies will now be our favourite hang out! We had fun and our time there checked all the boxes
Food is good and service was excellent. Very kid friendly place with a kids menu. A little pricy for what you get, but you're also paying for good service. We had 2 adult meals and 1 kids meal, along with 2 drinks - bill was $100 before tip.
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328 Taphouse + Grill $$
328 Wale Rd #102, Victoria - V9B 0J8
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Pizza Beer Bar
Customer's reviews..
Great place for beer, but expect average bar food. Lots of craft beer options though!The staff were great, and the manager worked fast to resolve some issues we had with orders. The interior is modern and clean and would be great to hang out and watch sports.
I have been to many restaurants but 328 is amazing,,,butternut soup, dumplings, poutine and the most amazing chicken burger that I have ever had. A great and extensive list of ales and crafted beer. The thing is I do not drink beer but I believe I am on a new adventure. The food has been thoughtfully prepared and presented. Flavours that make me feel like I am being serenaded into the world of foodie enjoyment. The thing is that it is pub....the kind of pub that makes you want to come back again and again.
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5th St. Bar & Grill $$
1028 Hillside Ave, Victoria - V8T 2A3
Cuisines: Bar & Grill American Pubs
Customer's reviews..
I do love 5th street and order from here all the time. I do recommend it except last night we ordered through skip and they forgot our pizza. I was charged for it and while I did get a refund in skip credits, I think the option to have my credit card refunded would have been nice as well. but all in all a great place
Best buffalo burger ive had and amazing service. Definitely a spot to stop at.
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Phoenix Bar and Grill $$
3944 Quadra St, Victoria - V8X 1J6
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Fruits & Veggies
Customer's reviews..
great little pub with great's a isn't has history in this city...always fun at the Phoenix!
Ruined what was an awesome night out with a bunch of friends!Super rude bartender. So much attitude.Spent $200 on drinks for all of my friends and asked for a receipt as it was printing off. Her response was to look at me and say “whoops you missed it”. Super weird vibe.
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Yates Street Taphouse
759 Yates St, Victoria - V8W 1L6
Cuisines: Bar & Grill Pubs Burgers
Customer's reviews..
Doorman was rude with me because I didn't understand the new covid QR code system. I don't use a cell phone and I thought the vax card I received at the clinic would be good enough. Had they educated me on the new system in place I may have come back with a printout of the QR, but I left feeling dirty and shameful despite being vaxed. Maybe hand out an educational pamphlet if you're going to turn people away...
Taco Tuesday is a thing for downtown lunches here. Ordered 1 each of the crispy chicken thai, prawn + avocado + mango slaw, and a fish taco, and they were all excellent. 3.50 each too!It was not busy at all but the tacos did take longer than expected and I wanted to enjoy them.... so make sure if you're going for lunch just maybe don't have a 1pm meeting to be at.
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