Best American Food Restaurants in Victoria, British Columbia


Glo Restaurant + Lounge $$
2940 Jutland Rd, Victoria - V8T 5K6
Cuisines: Gluten-Free Burgers American
Customer's reviews..
My wife, our son and I had a wonderful evening in November in this l9vely restaurant. We are relatively new to Victoria and are trying various restaurants to find our favorites. And I can comfortably say that the Glo is far and away our first choice so far. The location on the water... the decoration, the menu, and of course the patio are all superb! Reasonably priced and thecservice is lovely and we felt so comfortable. We will be regulars at this place for sure! Many thanks to all the staff and owners.
Meh for food; but then again, if we wanted good food we wouldn’t go to Glo. This “global locale” gets away with a lot because of its waterfront location. Met up with friends we haven’t seen in ages (for a mid-afternoon 3:00 pm reservation), and were informed that we needed to vacate the table for incoming reservations. It would have been good to know there was a clock running in the background (and we would have made different choices).Food: don’t order tuna taco (the chef really needs to visit other restos to get a sense for what the going vibe is); lamb burger, thumbs up; fries, pretty darn good; and thumbs up for the lettuce wraps. Nobody was really unhappy (until we were told we had to leave!). Plan ahead Kids.
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Masters Lounge $$
1999 Country Club Way, Victoria - V9B 6V2
Cuisines: Lounges American
Customer's reviews..
Awesome as usual!
Beautifully renovated, incredible view and the chef’s creations were amazing! Everything we tasted from the bar (get the lavender gin sour - you won’t be disappointed )! To the bar snacks (truffle fries and fried cauliflower) to the mains (squash and lobster ravioli, pan seared scallops and beet and burratta salad) and desserts (espresso crème brí»lée and chocolate mousse) were incredibly delicious and we’ll keep coming back for the amazing food and ambiance! Thank you for a wonderful experience!
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El Furniture Warehouse - Victoria $
533 Yates St, Victoria - V8W 1K7
Cuisines: Comfort Food American
Customer's reviews..
Great prices! Perogies and a Blue Hawaiian FTW!
This place is awesome. Food and drinks are reasonably priced and the food was delicious. The portions were larger than expected. Power hour is definitely something to check out!Our server was also amazing! She was attentive, fun, and incredibly genuine. I will be back for sure. Highly recommend!
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Med Grill Royal Oak $$
4512 W Saanich Rd, Victoria - V8Z 3G4
Cuisines: Mediterranean Gluten-Free American
Customer's reviews..
My friends and I had a great meal at the Med Grill on Sunday night. The food was terrific, especially the Caesar salad. Due to the demonstration on the Pat Bay Highway, my friends were late arriving, but the staff accommodated us without any problems. We also stayed a little overtime, but there was no 'pressure' to go. Our waitress was super and helped with all our little requests (like not bringing the wine until the main course.) We will definitely be back! ?
Everything was excellent and seemingly effortless… Staff were kind and courteous without being over the top. Steak cooked perfectly and they didn’t bat an eye with me making a few substitutions.My partners meal (Prosciutto wrapped Chicken) came out a few minutes after mine (The only minor demerit) but both entrees were exceptionally plated and absolutely delicious. Again, great service, food quality and atmosphere. Will be returning.
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McRae's Restaurant Ltd $$
1652 McRae Ave, Victoria - V8P 1H3
Cuisines: Bistros American Pubs
Customer's reviews..
Would only ever come back for a drink. Low quality food at a higher cost. Sloppy and greasy.
This is my neighborhood pub and we always go there. But... Last week I took my friend there and it was his first time so I was very happy to introduce one of my favorite restaurants to him... We ordered a bottle of prosecco. That was cold and tasty.. We ordered the Korean Cauliflower and salt & pepper chicken wings with bluecheese and Thai sweet sauce. The drama started there :) Korean Cauliflower was mushy not crispy, the sauce was too much and it made the Cauliflower like a puree. Salt and pepper wings was tasteless. I had to ask for real salt and pepper to add. There was literally no salt or pepper. Thai sweet, was so funny. I don't know the reason but they put sourcream in the sauce! Bluecheese sauce had no blue cheese in it. :) I had to send them back thinking they brought the wrong sauces and asked the waitress to bring a regular Thai sweet without sourcream in it. She brought another blue cheese sauce but it was the same. Long story short, we left most of the food on our plates, finished the prosecco and went somewhere else for dinner. I don't think I will go again for food. That was a sad experience.
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Table Nineteen $$
643 Latoria Rd, Victoria - V9C 3A3
Cuisines: American
Customer's reviews..
Great fish and chips and terrific service from Jaclyn & Kaylee.!!! This is a regular spot for my brother and I to get together for family bonding!!,
Table 19 always goes above and beyond to make our visit a memorable one! The servers are always pleasant and efficient! The food is always yummy, fresh and of good value! We dine there regularly! Lauralie B
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Fatburger Langford
3004 Merchant Wy #102, Victoria - V9B 5R1
Cuisines: Burgers Fast Food American
Customer's reviews..
Watching the cooking staff in the kitchen, is like Watching a stooge comedy. There like of experience is comical. Cooked hamburger into hockey puck.Do not eat here. Unless you want a good comedy show.
Been here twice now and both times were great. The place is very clean and well lit. Had about a 5 minute wait to order on the second visit. Food came out hot and the milkshake was very tasty too. Staff were nice and polite, helped my son figure out what he wanted which was pretty cool. It is a bit pricey but you do get bang for your buck and will beat clown food any day of the week, best believe ? overall a great time and great food. Definitely coming back here again
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5th St. Bar & Grill $$
1028 Hillside Ave, Victoria - V8T 2A3
Cuisines: Bar & Grill American Pubs
Customer's reviews..
I do love 5th street and order from here all the time. I do recommend it except last night we ordered through skip and they forgot our pizza. I was charged for it and while I did get a refund in skip credits, I think the option to have my credit card refunded would have been nice as well. but all in all a great place
Best buffalo burger ive had and amazing service. Definitely a spot to stop at.
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Original Joe's $$
1654 McKenzie Ave, Victoria - V8N 0A3
Cuisines: American
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Hecklers Bar & Grill $$
123 Gorge Rd E, Victoria - V9A 1L1
Cuisines: Comedy Clubs American
Customer's reviews..
Delicious wings. Awesome service.
Thank you to Hecklers for supporting our foundation and making our group gathering SO much fun! Such good food, amazing live music and an incredible and supportive team.The owner and manager of this bar is there with love, and the vibes are INCREDIBLE.
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The Fountain Diner
2800 Bryn Maur Rd, Victoria - V9B 3T4
Cuisines: Family American
Customer's reviews..
Best breakfast place I have been to! The food is always on point everytime! Amazing!
The food is always ok here. The fries are not the best though. Service is not fantastic by any means. The breakfast is good… for that I may recommend. One thing that caught me off guard upon asking for a extra waffle- once I received the bill I realized I had been charged 9$ for a single extra waffle. Also the waffles were extremely soggy. Kind of wish I would have been given a heads up on that. Otherwise decent food!
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Denny's $$
3100 Douglas St, Victoria - V8Z 3K2
Cuisines: American
Customer's reviews..
Walter our waiter was amazing, the food was good and fast. I will definitely come back, especially is Walter is my waiter again. Walter even played the song Fallen Angel by Poison for us. What a great way to end the night.
Good staff and good food but they gave me my food in a slow feed dog food bowl not very nice in my nice and isn't very good for a restaurant to serve nachos in a dog bowl
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The Oaks Restaurant and Tearoom
2250 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria - V8R 1E2
Cuisines: Canadian American British
Customer's reviews..
Better food and way cheaper (actual 20oz pints of) beer than the pub 1/2 block away.
First time being here in years. First impressions weren't great as the restaurant floor is being used as a storage room and there were staff doing paperwork at a table right at the front door. The table we sat at was dirty with lint and even after a wipe still wasn't completely clean. We opted for the tea menu and I was served lipton tea. I was quite shocked that a tea house would be serving a low quality tea. The scones were large and tasted good. The lemon tart unfortunately tasted a bit like soil. Whipped cream was runny and marmalade had orange pieces that were too big. The furnishings such as some chairs are in poor repair and some areas looked dirty. I think the establishment needs to focus on either being a tea house or a pub. It's charm from the past seems to have been lost.
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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews $$
800 Tolmie Ave, Victoria - V8X 3W4
Cuisines: American Burgers
Customer's reviews..
(Posting under Paul's name, but I'm his wife) My sister's birthday and there were 14 of us (all lady friends) seated at 3 tables. Service was good, and people enjoyed their meals. Problem: I ordered the Avo-cobb-o Salad but there was no avocado. Server said he would bring some; I received less than an eighth of a bruised avocado. See pictures below. Firstly, the kitchen shouldn't have served it, the server shouldn't have delivered it and the amount of avocado in the menu picture is triple of what I received. While the salad was tasty, being served what I was given put a damper on my meal. I wasn't going to complain a third time (my daughter's meal arrived with jalapeños when she requested none, but was given another plate quickly), so salvaged what I could.
Highly recommend! This was our first visit to this restaurant, and we were not disappointed. Generous portions. Clean, comfortable atmosphere. Convenient location. Excellent service (Grayson was our server today). Love the idea of unlimited refills on sides and bottomless beverages (which even included ice cream floats!). Huge variety on the menu.Shown here is the Madlove Burger and steak fries. Delicious. One of the best burgers I've eaten!
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Wheelies Motorcycles & Cafe $
2620 Rock Bay Ave, Victoria - V8T 4R9
Cuisines: American
Customer's reviews..
First time walking in there, they had old motorcycle magazines to browse through and were playing sludge metal. It was love at first sight. The kickass food, drinks and chill staff made me ready to commit for life.
Always enjoy wheelies, great food and atmosphere, merch and friendly staff. I enjoy going in on my lunch break for a great crafted sandwich (vegan options as well) and a great ice cream sandwich for dessert (also vegan options). Being an iconic motorcycle cafe, there is of coarse some memorabilia on the walls, and almost always at least one motorcycle parted out front.
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Bella Montagna $$
1999 Country Club Way, Victoria - V9B 6R3
Cuisines: American
Customer's reviews..
We had a work function of about 30 people in the private room last night. The views were stunning, the staff was attentive (shout out to our bartender Michael!) But the real star of the show was the food! The dishes were well balanced and well thought out. Thanks to all involved for the great evening!
Amazing, love the golf course and the ambiance. Staff are great, good service! Fun Saturday!
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Johnny Rockets
1644 Hillside Drive, Victoria - V8T 2C5
Cuisines: Hamburger Burgers American
Customer's reviews..
We ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and fries. The fries tasted overcooked and were greasy. The burger was dry. Overall unimpressive.
I love burgers, however, I was disappointed with yours, this is more a review for corporate, your bun quality is poor and your overall model for a delicious hamburger is poor, your soft drinks are warm and are not served with ice, however, your fries size are awesome. The service was excellent and my review does not reflect on your staff. Someone at corporate should do better for a bun to burger ratio for quality!
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